Welcome to L4 Kid’s ministry! 
Our goal is to point children to a life with Christ by building a foundation in their early years of life.  Why is building a foundation so important?  One statistic tells the story in a nutshell. 
86% of people, who serve God, do it because they met Jesus before the age of 15.
Through Media, Music, and teaching the Word using methods that will reach kids, L4 Kid’s Ministries strive to help children not only learn about Jesus but to help them build a relationship with Him!  Check us out; I know your children will beg to come back! 
If you are attending, look on our Church Bulletin and use your smartphone to scan the qr code which will direct you straight to our Children’s Ministry page on this webpage.

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L4 Zone

L4 Zone happens on Sunday Mornings during the same time as the Adult Worship service (Big Church).  During that time we celebrate the Love of God through Praise and Worship, Media, Games, object lessons, skits and a sermon that is taught in a way that they will understand.



Check in is in our fellowship Hall starting at 10:30.  See one of our Welcome Center staff at the entrance of the Sanctuary for directions and additional help.  Check out is at the Youth Chapel right around the corner from the Fellowship Hall.


Our Staff

Our staff is a group of screened dedicated workers; some with over 20 years of experience in Kid’s ministry. 


Our Schedule

We meet every Sunday with the exception of the 1st Sunday of each month.  We also meet with the Adults in the main sanctuary on 5th Sundays and special services like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Easter, etc.