Our Vision:
Connecting People to Life Change

Disciples Making Disciples

Our Mission:          
LIVE Life Together 
LEARN Daily 
LEAD All Generations 

We believe in connecting with God through worship and His Word; and will gather to glorify and praise Him. Therefore, we are committed to involving our church in dynamic worship services and small group opportunities.
We are to believe and belong, we are made for community!
We believe in connecting with God through studying and learning more of God’s Word. 

We believe in connecting and building relationships with people, and that relationships are crucial conduits for truly showing the love of God.


Therefore, we are committed to connecting and helping people develop a sense of belonging through healthy personal relationships by growing together.  

We believe in the power of the Holy Spirit to go and witness and make disciples of Jesus Christ. Therefore, we are committed to “go unto all the world and share the Gospel of the Good News,” and to show the love of Christ to everyone.
We go and reach people because every soul matters to God and to us!
We believe in giving generously of ourselves to Christ, to the Church, and to serve others.  
We serve because it is in our DNA.  We are committed to giving of ourselves our
time, talent, and treasure